Graves Mountain

Collecting Rutile, Kyanite, Lazulite, Iridescent Hematite, Pyrophyllite, Pyrite, Ilmenite, Fuchsite, Barite, Sulfur, Variscite, Woodhouseite, Crandallite, Strengite, Phosphosiderite, Cacoxenite, Blue Quartz, Quartz crystals, etc.

Graves Mountain is a unique geological formation located in Lincoln County, Georgia.

Beginning in the 1920's, Tiffany’s mined the site for rutile, a substance used for polishing diamonds. At some point thereafter, Aluminum Silicates, Inc. began mining the site for kyanite, a mineral used to make heat-resistant products.

Some time in the mid-1960's, Combustion Chemicals, Inc.was formed to purchase the site and conduct kyanite mining operations. Combustion Chemicals was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Combustion Engineering Inc. Combustion Chemicals conducted mining operations until 1984, when it sold the property to Pasco Mining Company.

Pasco operated the mine site until November 1, 1986, at which time the facility and all environmental responsibilities reverted back to Combustion Chemicals by their previous purchase agreement. Combustion Chemicals never resumed mining operations. In 1990, it was merged into Combustion Engineering Inc.


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